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Why I haven’t posted to my blog in two years...

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

I know it has been such a long time since my last post (2.5 years to be exact), but I just wanted to take a moment to illustrate my journey, and how much I have grown both spiritually, and artistically since my last post.

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to jump in my journey of being a Chef & a content creator is the hurdle of judgement. I was constantly struggling with “Imposter Syndrome” , and feeling like I was not good enough.

I never had any shortage of content ideas for both my blog, my YouTube channel, and my instagram page, yet I held back so much artistic expression, and opportunities to touch people’s lives simply because I did not believe anyone would listen to me, or care about what I had to say.

I have been a professional chef for nearly 10 years. I went to one of the top culinary schools in the nation, and I trained under some of the best chefs in the world at some of the best restaurants in the world.

Along every step of the way, I was somehow always the youngest chef in the kitchen. And in being the youngest, I often struggled with my peers not respecting me. I was constantly ridiculed by other chefs for being active on social media, and showcasing my talents outside of the restaurant. I was even made fun of for taking my college education seriously, when so many of the chefs I worked with never went to culinary school. No matter how hard I tried to prove myself, I was never accepted in any team I worked in...

So by spending nearly 10 years being the underdog in every single situation, two feelings began to transpire within me...

  • I was constantly in a state of feeling that I wasn’t good enough

  • I developed a massive chip on my shoulder

Now when you find yourself developing an internal inferiority complex, such as I did, you have to STOP, and ask yourself three questions.

  • Why do you serve?

  • Who do you serve?

  • How do you serve them?

Answering those three questions helped me find the alignment I so desperately needed, and put me back on path to creating dishes, and online content that spoke to the world in the image of the love I have for my craft.

So in whatever creative / business endeavors you may pursue, always keep the answers to those three questions fresh in your mind, (especially in the face of adversity, and criticism) This will keep you grounded, and brighten the light at the end of your tunnel.

Now as for the “chip on the shoulder” thing...

This complex can both serve you, and hinder you. The tipping point between those two extremes lies in your mindfulness, (or lack thereof)

For me, the chip on my shoulder helped keep me in the game when the odds were heavily stacked against me. I was so hellbent on proving all of the haters wrong. I was ready to keep swinging my sword, and working until there was nothing left within me.

On the flip side, this also fed a certain aspect of my ego that soon became a detriment to my learning process because I had actually begun to believe that I could take on the whole culinary world by myself, and stop actively seeking mentorship, and learning from my peers. At that time, I was so wrapped up in smashing faces, and establishing my name in the industry, that I inadvertently forfeited countless opportunities to just put down my sword, and listen to people who could actually teach me.....

Now back to the good news!

I recently moved to Los Angeles CA, and I am taking on several creative vehicles to express my art, and touch as many lives as I can. I am no longer bound by the chains of self doubt, and criticism from other chefs... I have fully stepped into my power, and I am positioning myself to absolutely OWN my message coming into 2020, and sharing TF out of everything I learn along the way. Wholeheartedly, fearlessly, and without a worry in the whole wide world.

-Chef Eliott

ALSO, If you'd like to take awesome photos like I do, click this link below, and get yourself a Sony A5100 ! It is the main camera I use for all of my social media channels including this blog!

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